The scenario of online sports betting in Brazil

footballlinks - The scenario of online sports betting in Brazil

Brazil is taking great strides to become a reference in another segment of entertainment: betting on sports on the internet. 

Known worldwide as the nation of football, Brazil is taking great strides to become a reference in another segment of entertainment: betting on sports on the internet. According to the Globo Comunicação group’s website “Gente”, Brazil is one of the countries that has grown the most in this industry at an international level in recent years. 

But this is not something that happened overnight, quite the opposite. Driven by the improvement in the quality of the internet connection in different corners of the country, the online sports betting sector presents a wide variety of options for Brazilian bettors in dozens of modalities: we can take as an example a Premier League football match, one of the world’s leading betting markets. On the main platforms in the segment, a single Premier League game gives the customer more than 200 alternatives to bet. Within this context, in addition to the traditional markets for victory and total goals, there are alternative scenarios for corners, cards, among many others.

In recent years, bookmakers have also started to introduce special bet selections at major events that go far beyond football. In Formula 1, the premier motorsport category, customers can even choose the podium order for each race of the season. 

In addition to the numerous betting options, it is worth mentioning that the main sites in the sector that operate in Brazil are extremely safe environments, with the highest international standards of online security. 

It is not by chance that the account verification processes of these companies are usually strict with customers, precisely to prevent any type of future problem.

The other side of the bet: three valuable tips for becoming a successful long-term bettor 

Choosing the favorite is not always the best option: generally, the first-time bettor has the habit of betting only on favorites, but in the long term this strategy may not be sustainable. This happens because the quotations of the public’s favorites, most of the time, do not have a high proportional profit on the amount invested. 

Therefore, sometimes choosing an underrated underdog can be a good deal, as quotes are higher compared to super favorites and consequently generate higher returns at home. 

Another important tip is to avoid placing too many multiple bets, as the greater the number of bets involved in a single selection, the greater the chance of not being successful. 

The importance of an evolved mindset in betting: there is no magic formula for being a winner in sports betting, but having an evolved mindset is one of the main ways to get to the top. We must keep in mind that even the best bettors in the world have negative streaks and it is precisely at this moment that the mindset must kick in, to regain confidence and move forward thinking in the long term. 

Within this context, a common misconception among beginners is to change their own methods with each bad sequence, something that can become a “quicksand” effect. In addition, staying focused and having a defined routine on a daily basis makes things easier in practice, just like in any other segment. 

Finding bookmakers that adapt to the bettor’s profile: finally, it is worth looking for bookmaker recommendations from more experienced people in the sector, as there are different profiles of platforms on the market. 

For example, there are bettors who prefer to work in highly liquid markets (big leagues, such as the Brasileirão), as there is also another niche that prefers to bet on smaller markets (state championships and the like). 

That is, based on the example above, we have two distinct styles of bettors, right? In this case, the ideal is to look for companies that offer good betting lines for each user and that suit the bettor’s own style. 

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