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Director of SK
Before setting up the Soccer Kids Schools, the Director of SK (Eddy Whyte) had previously played for and coached at PSV Eindhoven in Holland and BM Gladbach in Germany (see HERE), both at senior and development level, and was also responsible for the publication of the 'Grass Roots Report 1995' - a detailed comparison between the UK and continental style football development systems.
This report later became instrumental in the formation of the new processional club academy scheme in England (1998) and the newly devised SSD (systematic structured development) element is now also used by some of the top clubs in the world as part of their transitional programming procedure. See separate section on SSD.

Although a total of 75 children from the Sheffield SK School have later gone onto to join pro club academies, it must be pointed out from the outset, that SK is NOT ALL ABOUT ELITISM - it is for players of all ability levels - boys and girls - and making football fun. If a young players learns to enjoy the game then this encourages them to practice more - and this is achieved through restricting the physical element, which in turn allows natural ability and enthusiasm to flourish. We dispense with the need for continuous repetitive training methods (as used by most UK based schools) and allow kids to learn at their own pace through lots of small sided games under continuous guidance.

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New Members

New Members

The Sheffield SK School trains on average 90 to 110 Children Every Saturday Morning - making it one of the largest football schools in the UK.

The Sheffield SK School has supplied more children to professional club academies than any other football school in the UK.

New players are welcome to join Soccer Kids at any time.

Training is held every Saturday morning throughout the year in accordance with our Training Schedule.

The first session is FREE - and New members can turn up any Saturday morning.

The following is a brief resume of the basic SK Information you will require at this stage, plus you can also navigate through the above menu items for any additional information - or visit our General Information and Frequently Asked Questions sections.

Age Range

We train children (both boys and girls) from as young as 5 right through until 14 years of age. With regards to the upper range, if age 14 at the start of the season then you are entitled to stay until the end of that season.


International standard all-weather modern 3G synthetic training surface (hence the reason we can provide all-year-round training), large car park, and gymnasium complex\toilets.


Tapton School, Crosspool, Sheffield. S10 5RG. Please click HERE for Full Directions and Map of location.

Training Schedule

Most Saturday mornings between September and July each year. Click HERE for 6 Monthly Training Schedule.

Session Times

Age 5 - 6:
. . . . 9.00 to 10.30am
Age 6 -14:
. . . . 9.00 to 11.00am
(Any 6 year olds in the younger 5/6 Group are entitled to move up to the 6/8 Group at 10.30am)

Training Groups

We have a total of 7 different training groups and all new players are allocated to an appropriate group suitable to their individual playing ability. Throughout the season children are free to move to other groups if approval and recommendation is sought from their respective coach. The main reasons for movement are to prevent dominance, enhance development (tougher challenge), early or late development, and physical stature.

Fees & Registration

You can register at the venue any Saturday morning between 9 and 9.15am:

Session 1
The first session is FREE, just register your name on arrival and you will be issued with a Registration Form.

Session 2
Hand in the completed Registration Form together with the appropriate Membership Fee (see Note 1 below).

Session 3
Pay the Weekly Session Fee (see Note 2 below) and you will be issued with your Membership Pack.

You pay the Weekly Session Fee every time you turn up.

Please note that Soccer Kids have NO UP-FRONT FEES - you only pay when you play!

Note 1
The Membership Fee is a fixed single payment which covers the first year's personal accident insurance - thereafter, SK will cover all future insurance payments until your child reaches 15 years of age.
The current Membership Fee is £12 per child, or £6 per child if more than one from the same family. New members age 13 & 14 are exempt the Membership Fee.

Note 2
The weekly session fees are:
Age 5 . . . . .
£4.00 per player
Age 6 - 14 . . . .
£5.00 per player (or £4.00 per player if registered as a family member)





General Information

General Information



Top and long bottoms at all times (prevent friction burn) plus training shoes or astro boots - NO football boots (synthetic surface). Footballers have to play in the rain and the cold, so during winter, although the synthetic surface may prevent the children from getting dirty, it doesn't keep out the cold, so jumpers, hats, jackets, and gloves are recommended! An additional item well worth considering is shin guards - avoids injury through over-enthusiasm.


If in any doubt regarding your child's ability to undertake physical activity then please seek the professional advice of your Doctor. Parents must inform the senior coach of any potential problems. For instance, asthmatics (including minor) should bring inhalers and inform their coach of its location.


Members are entitled to use the large school car park FREE of charge.

Insurance Cover

All members (including trialists) are automatically covered under the SK Insurance Scheme (Lloyds of London) - each player is individually registered. Please note that ALL members must book in with the Registrar as soon as you arrive at the facility, otherwise you will not be covered by the SK Insurance for that day.

Codes of Practice

Soccer Kids were the first football school in the UK to introduce strict Codes of Practice for players, parents and coaches (copies are issued with your Membership Pack) which must be fully complied with at all times in respect of both the player's behaviour and general conduct of parents present during any training session. The key words for parents are "praise and enthusiasm" - not "criticism". Bullying will not be tolerated under any circumstances, and if proven, the member will be automatically dismissed from SK.

Child Protection

In accordance with our Code of Practice every effort is made, where possible, to ensure that all coaches/assistants are screened to protect the children against any likelihood of sexual indecency. Clever criminals don't have records, and it is for this reason SK operates an additional 'OPEN POLICY' whereby, ALL PARENTS have access to ALL areas of the facilities at ALL times and the children are never left alone with any single coach. As most of our coaches are parents of the children involved they are generally well known in the local community, and our coaching code also contains a clause that permits us to dismiss any coach at any time if suspicions are raised.

Photographs & Videos

As part of out child protection policy SK also has strict criteria regarding video/photographs - please see the FAQ section.

Independent Status / Professional Advancement

As Soccer Kids operate entirely independent of any other football organisation or team, this allows us the freedom to formulate our own programmes in accordance with local needs and demands. To this end, we were the first football school (and football organisation) in the UK to introduce screening, the open policy, codes of practice, regular weekly training (compared with one-off summer sessions) and structured children's coaching. Whilst predominantly based on the fun elements of football, where a child does show particular promise, then we will advise and guide accordingly through our professional contacts.

Playing for Local Teams

So as to retain our independent status Soccer Kids do not operate their own teams within the local Sheffield league structure, instead, we act as a general base where children from 'any team' can come along on a Saturday morning for additional training. Indeed, the vast majority of our 9 to 13 year olds play for a range of teams throughout the area (as do some of our 6 - 8 year olds, but we do not recommend competitive football at this age). See CDL below.



SK Sheffield
Receives approximately 80 new full-time regular members - every year

SK Sheffield
Receives nearly 200 new trialists - every year

SK Sheffield
Has children from 23 different schools throughout the Sheffield area

Frequently Asked Questions

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