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Soccer Kids were one of the first football schools in the UK to introduce codes of practice for players, parents, and coaches, plus a screening process for staff (in accordance with the Children's Act guidelines), individual personal accident cover, and strict discipline regulations in respect of racism and equality (boys and girls).

The following is an example of our codes in respect of young players and parents - plus details on the taking of photographs & videos.

Player's Code

Codes of Practice

The DOs

ATTEND as many SESSIONS as possible - practice makes you a better player.


PROPERLY DRESSED for the conditions - training shoes or astro boots, sportswear, and warm/waterproof clothing - footballers have to play in the rain and cold weather.

DRESS SMART and look after your equipment properly.

As soon as you arrive - get changed - then FORM INTO YOUR TEAM / GROUP ready for the coach.

STAY QUIET when the coach is speaking.

Always BE POLITE to the coaches and other players.


Always TRY YOUR BEST - it doesn't matter if you're not a good player.

PRACTICE in your spare-time and do your football homework - BUT schoolwork always comes first.

HELP your FRIENDS (boys & girls) to become better players.

BEFORE LEAVING always CHECK where the next session is being held, on what day, and what time it starts - tell your parents.


ARGUE with the coach, assistants, other players, or the referee.


SHOUT unnecessarily.

BULLY or NAME CALL any of the other players.

LAUGH or PICK ON players with lesser ability than yourself.


You will be immediately banned from Soccer Kids if it is shown that you have, in any way, been involved in any bullying, name-calling, racism, fighting, rough play, or just being a general nuisance. Break the SK Rules and you are 'out'.

Your parents/guardians/school teachers have been instructed to update the coach on your general behaviour and standard of work both at home and at school. If misbehaving at home or not trying hard at school, then the coach may dismiss you from football training.
Remember - School First and Football Training Second - and that includes any football homework!

If you have any problems then speak to the coach - he is there to help you.


Parent's Code

Parent's Code

Working Together

In addition to helping young players enhance their football skills, Soccer Kids also works very closely with parents/guardians/teachers in an attempt to improve general all-round behaviour and commitment to schoolwork . . . .

*    Schoolwork FIRST - Football Training SECOND.

*    If bad behaviour off the field - it leads to bad behaviour on the field.

Please support us in this task by informing the senior coach of any bad behaviour, school problems, etc.

From time to time Soccer Kids may issue homework (skill exercises) to children (over 7 years only) in order to improve their individual technique - BUT this should only be allowed after any school homework has been completed - there are no penalties for not completing football homework!

Our Main aim is to provide the facilities and a safe controlled environment for young children to enjoy active participation in football.

You can help us to achieve this objective by following our simple rules:

The DOs

Encourage and support their efforts - give praise and create enthusiasm.

Help the children to understand the rules.

Encourage homework/practice - but only after schoolwork has been completed.

Assess effort - not the score.

Work with Soccer Kids - not against them.

Parents/Guardians can be the worst spectators . . . so


Use sarcasm, bad language, or aggression - it creates anxiety and even young children lose self-confidence.

Assess players by their ability - they all develop at different rates.

Criticise other players.

Shout from the sidelines - there can only be one coach.

Criticise bad play - young players learn by their mistakes.

Concentrate on the score - concentrate on them doing their best.

As a multi-cultural organisation - RACISM will not be tolerated from any players or parents!

Please read the Code of Practice for Players and make sure that your child fully understands it.


Photographs and Videos

Where some organisations ban the taking of photos and videos altogether, SK fully appreciates the historic benefit of having such records of your child growing up, so to this end, we have adopted the following policy:

** Any person wishing to photo or video a SK training Session must initially seek the approval of the coach in charge of that specific group; and then

** Ask the approval of any watching parents within the respective vicinity (full camera angle); and most importantly of all

** Such photos or videos MUST be used for private viewing ONLY, not for sale or for any other commercial purpose.

If wishing to take any photos or videos that may be shown outside of the family environment, or wanted for commercial purposes, then full permission must be granted from the Director of SK, Eddy Whyte.

If a parent has any strong objections to their child being photographed or videoed during a SK session, then you must inform the senior coach where the relevant details will be placed in the appropriate register.

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