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"If you don't build a house on a solid foundation it will eventually fall down . . . we need a new Grass Roots football foundation in the UK "
Grass Roots Report 1995

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Welcome to EWSM

Eddy Whyte
After a short spell of both playing and coaching with Borussia Monchengladbach in Germany and PSV Eindhoven in Holland in the late seventies, I returned to the UK and created the football development programme SSD (systematic structured development) which is now used worldwide by many of the top professional clubs as part of their junior and senior player development structure.

Following on from that I later published The Grass Roots Report, Coaching Tools, and Kicking Into The Future, all of which led me into a football consultancy career, and in 2000 I formed EWSM.

I operate the UK base of EWSM (also located in Germany and the Netherlands) and offer a highly confidential consultancy service to professional clubs and players in the area of Technical Football Development.

   Edward Whyte

Please Note
On 1st November, 2013, the Consultancy side of EWSM was sold to the WVT Group In Germany & Holland, but Eddy Whyte can still be contacted on the above email address.

  • Junior Player - Systematic Structured Development

  • Youth Player - Systematic Structured Development

  • Senior Player - Systematic Structured Development

  • Player Assessment

  • Player Mentoring

  • Team Performance and Analysis

  • Club Structures

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              What is a Technical Development Consultant?

              What did you find different with the German system?

              What did you find different with the Dutch system?

              What areas do most clubs require assistance with?